Conscious Inspiration

2nd November, 2010 - Posted by janebeard

Everyone, whether they like to talk about it at work or not, works from a source of inspiration. When you’re at your best, you are inspired by something.

Next time you present, take that something – whatever you call it, and however you access it – on stage with you.

We know it can be funky to talk about anything remotely spiritual in a work situation. Religious discussions are a dangerous place to go.

We aren’t talking religion here. We’re talking spirit – as in, “What ignites your spirit? What charges you to be your most inspired?” Whatever it is, whatever you call it, the fact is that it is a source of your genius.

And you shouldn’t leave it at home, or at your desk. We WANT you to speak from an inspired space, even when you are presenting on the most mundane topic.

Use whatever method you use to get yourself centered in that inspiration. For some, it might be a brisk walk around the block, or taking a quiet moment for yourself. It might be saying a prayer, or having a raucous laugh about something. It could be as simple as asking yourself: “from the energy that’s looking out of my eyes right now, what matters most to me? What’s true now?” If it ignites you, you can ignite us.

We aren’t just brains sitting in bodies out there. Even medical science no longer argues that there’s an intense connection between body, mind and spirit. So don’t count on your brain and body to deliver the whole message to us. That’s just two-thirds of you. We want the whole package.

When you allow your source of inspiration onto the stage and into the ideas with you, you’ll reach us on all levels.