Let’s Play Two.

25th January, 2015 - Posted from janebeard

The baseball legend Ernie Banks used to say this before every game. It was emblematic of his way of seeing the world, and the gift that comes with embracing the opportunties before us.

That joy of being in the right place to make something cool happen is something we try to impart to the speakers we coach.

Most presenters think, “I have to get this over with so I can go on to something that matters more.” But, in the moment you’re presenting, nothing matters more. There simply is nothing more important than making the people sitting in front of you better, in some tangible way, than they were when they walked into the room.

You will never again get the same opportunity to create an impact on the people to whom you’ll be speaking. No matter how often you see them, no matter how often you address them, THIS opportunity comes only once.

You don’t have to do this talk. You GET to do this talk.

Respect the opportunity, and the wave of people who will take your ideas out of the room and use them.

Be clear about how you want us to use your ideas. Then invest the time to create and rehearse the talk that will get us there.

And on The Day, be ready to play two. It’ll make the one shot you have more powerful.