2nd April, 2014 - Posted from janebeard

In a word where hashtags like “#fail” and sentence fragments like “this” now communicate volumes in few words, you better believe your audience can grasp more messages in fewer words than ever before.

The hash tag phenomenon has gone overboard in many ways. Jimmy Fallon has a series of sketches making fun of #hashtags, like this one.

And not every topic can be explored deeply in the 15 minute TED Talk formula.

But the fact remains. TED Talks and Twitter and Reddit and texting and google and all the rest have re-wired our brains. And that’s changed the way audiences experience you and your message.

If you know what you need us to do with the content you’re sharing, and focus your entire message and performance on getting us there, you will #speakshort and be more effective than you believe possible.