Great Expectations

16th October, 2011 - Posted from janebeard

We love when our clients are smarter than we are. So, kudos to Alex C. If we didn’t have a firm policy of not identifying individual clients by name, we’d want you to know exactly who to thank for the following insight.

We were talking about how the job of the speaker is to change the audience, and make sure they leave the room able to put your Big Idea into action. “If you are thinking about how you, as a speaker, are doing, you aren’t doing the real job,” I told her.

“So,” Alex said, “I should quit worrying about my expectations for myself, and pay attention to my expectations FOR THEM!”

Exactly, exactly right.

When you get listeners to take your idea out of the room and use it, you have done the only real job of any presentation. I guarantee that, if you help your audience do something they couldn’t or wouldn’t have done without you, you are absolutely a more effective speaker than most people they will hear.

So expect more of your audience, next time. Alex C. will!