It’s Inevitable

17th January, 2011 - Posted from janebeard

Here’s the thing. By the time you finish talking, your audience is guaranteed to be different than they were before they heard you speak.

We may be bored, or we may be excited. We may be more confused than when we arrived, or we may see a clearer path to a goal. But we will not leave the room the same way we entered it.

Whether you do a great job, or a lousy job. – it doesn’t matter. We WILL be changed, somehow. And our opinion of how well you did really stems from what we think about how we get changed.

Think back to your most recent experience in the audience of someone else. You walked in feeling…how? Curious about the topic? Hopeful you could influence a decision? Resentful that you had to be there, instead of back in your office getting some real work done?

Call that State A.

Now remember what it felt like to leave the meeting – that would be State B. Were you bored? Were you a bit crankier, because your time had been wasted? Did you leave with a set of questions, or marching orders? Were you empowered to do something? Are you ready to start using a perspective, tool or data you got out of the meeting? Were you glad you attended, or were you making mental promises to have some conflict – ANY conflict – rather than have to listen to that speaker again?

Call that State B.

All of those State B outcomes are changes – changes that happened to YOU because of how and what the speaker(s) did to take charge of the dynamic in the room. And track this experience: your view of whether that speaker was any good really was based on how you were (or weren’t) changed, wasn’t it?

Now put your speaker hat back on. You ARE going to change that audience. It’s inevitable. So give some conscious thought to what change you want to create in the room. Make a choice about how to empower us some way, so we leave in a State B that makes us glad we heard from you.

Need more ideas for how to take deliberate charge of the change? Contact us! We can brainstorm some changes for your specific talk, no charge.