Don’t Wait

24th June, 2014 - Posted by janebeard

In working with a client today, I heard a phrase that we often hear from clients in the early phases of our work together: “I can’t wait till I figure out how to do this well!” It’s great to want to become better at something. Frankly, we wouldn’t be in business if people didn’t want […] Read More

The Power-Draining, Soul-Sucking Scourge of the Statement Necklace

19th June, 2014 - Posted by janebeard

“My awesome necklace” is never the answer to the question, “What’s the one thing you most want the audience to remember from your talk?” But that’s exactly what audiences most remembered after hearing some recent talks by otherwise smart women. In the name of “standing out” or “being my best self,” these women undercut the […] Read More