All Things to All People

26th July, 2013 - Posted by janebeard

You know, intellectually, that you can’t be all things to all people. But most people (including yours truly) sometimes forget this truth. The result is a talk that’s flabby, full of generalities and caveats, and a total time sink. As much as we want everyone to like us, you’re better off aiming at the slice […] Read More

Foolproof Way To Get Applause on Introductions

10th July, 2013 - Posted by janebeard

Most people introduce the next speaker the way they address an envelop: “Joe Blank, Insert Title Here.” The problem is, a big audience will want to start applauding when they hear the name of the next speaker. It’s human nature. But if the person making the introduction keeps talking, they step on the applause. The […] Read More