More Science That Speakers Need to Know!

14th November, 2012 - Posted by janebeard

So, here’s a study that shows that even one-year old babies can “read” where and what speakers are paying attention to, based on the focus in speaker’s voice. Here’s what that means for speakers and audiences: When your attention is on YOURSELF, we notice it. And, it turns out, we notice it on a very […] Read More

Why The Change Equation Defends Against Speaker Anxiety

12th November, 2012 - Posted by janebeard

We say it all the time: having and using a Change Equation matters, not just to the audience, but to you. If you know where you’re headed in your presentation, and if you’re ruthless in your intention to deliver the audience from Point A to Point B, you’re more effective than the vast majority of […] Read More