Slides to Love

21st February, 2011 - Posted by janebeard

Here is a TED Talk we keep returning to, again and again. It’s by David McCandless, and it shows intriguing ways to visualize data. He’s talking about some very dense data sets here. But he’s not showing us the typical bar graphs and pie charts that populate the slide decks of most business presentations. McCandless […] Read More

Learning to Love Questions

18th February, 2011 - Posted by janebeard

“Ugh! I HATE the Q and A part of the presentation!” The guy we were working with practically threw his head on the table, bemoaning this mandated segment of his presentation. It’s pretty common that business presenters end a presentation with time for “Q&A.” The impulse is good: allow the audience to engage with your […] Read More

Treat Every Audience Like the CEO

4th February, 2011 - Posted by janebeard

Imagine giving your presentation to your CEO, or your Executive Director, or to the busiest, best-connected person you know. Specifically, imagine how you would start the talk. We bet that your first words won’t be, “So, how’s everybody doing?” And you probably wouldn’t spend time thanking the speaker before you for that great introduction, or […] Read More