Say What You Mean Part Three: “New”

31st May, 2010 - Posted by janebeard

We’ve been coaching a bunch of speeches this week, and it seems like most speakers want to talk about some “new” feature they’re delivering to their customers. We’re urging them not to do it…because you can do so much better than, “new.” In fact, “new” is pretty commonplace, especially in Western society. “New” isn’t necessarily […] Read More

How NOT To Start Your Presentation part two

25th May, 2010 - Posted by janebeard

“I pulled a few slides from a deck I gave last week to the Board.” Yikes. This speaker means one of three things, none of them good: – “I talk to the Board and you DON’T,” – “I prepared for them, but for you: leftovers. Deal with it.” OR – “You can’t grade me hard […] Read More

Why You Don’t Like to Give The Same Talk Twice – But You Should, Anyway

22nd May, 2010 - Posted by janebeard

One of the interesting things about humans is that we’re wired is that our brains crave novelty. In fact, psychological anthropologists think it’s left over from our days as hunter-gatherers. It’s why some of us (ahem) have 10 pairs of black shoes in the closet but remain in the hunt for another pair. Searching for […] Read More