Tell Me A Story!

30th March, 2010 - Posted by janebeard

Storytelling has been the most powerful engine for idea dissemination throughout human history. It has served to explain the world, from the sublime to the mundane. Everything from, ”Is there a god?” to “why you should defer gratification and save for the future” has been explicated through story, and in a gazillion ways. We are […] Read More

How NOT To Start Your Talk part one

26th March, 2010 - Posted by janebeard

“I have about 20 slides to share with you today.” You could almost hear the groans in the room. We were at the meeting to watch a client we’d coached – NOT this speaker, we hasten to add – when this speaker stood to present. Now, you’ve heard similar openings before. So you know what […] Read More

Don’t Look Back

22nd March, 2010 - Posted by InVisibleLight, Inc.

People spend way too much meeting time in looking back instead of forward. When we could be looking at what could and should and must happen next, our time gets wasted with reports on what’s already happened. We don’t have time for that anymore. If we ever did! If you have past performance data to […] Read More

Why Do We Hate Listening to Presentations?

16th March, 2010 - Posted by janebeard

Ever wondered why you hate being in the audience for so many of the presentations you hear? It’s not because you’re bored. It’s because of something else entirely. More specifically, we know you get bored. But you don’t get bored because those speakers are boring. You get bored because those speakers are paying attention to […] Read More

Gossip Is Great! (Pass It On!)

7th March, 2010 - Posted by janebeard

Forget what your mother told you. Gossip is good. And it ought to be in your next presentation. Yeah, gossip can be dangerous. But it’s always riveting and often useful. If you haven’t learned something interesting at the water cooler (or on the water cooler replacements of facebook and Twitter), you aren’t paying attention. The […] Read More

I Think I’m Nervous

1st March, 2010 - Posted by janebeard

Think again. We’ve found that most speakers – even the seriously, can’t-get-a-deep-breath-afraid-I-might-throw-up speakers – ALSO are looking forward to some aspect of the presentation. Mixed in with the anxiety, in other words, is anticipation. Sometimes eagerness. The thing is, anxiety and anticipation can show up in similar ways. Your heart beat picks up. Your hands […] Read More