Let’s Play Two.

25th January, 2015 - Posted by janebeard

The baseball legend Ernie Banks used to say this before every game. It was emblematic of his way of seeing the world, and the gift that comes with embracing the opportunties before us. That joy of being in the right place to make something cool happen is something we try to impart to the speakers […] Read More

A Vaccine Against Chicken Speech

2nd August, 2014 - Posted by janebeard

When I read this blog post by the brilliant Seth Godin today, I groaned out loud. And I bookmarked the piece to come back to as often as needed. Just this week, I was doing some laser coaching with a speaker to create and deliver a message that would rock the audience. That was her […] Read More

Don’t Wait

24th June, 2014 - Posted by janebeard

In working with a client today, I heard a phrase that we often hear from clients in the early phases of our work together: “I can’t wait till I figure out how to do this well!” It’s great to want to become better at something. Frankly, we wouldn’t be in business if people didn’t want […] Read More

Rule # 1 to Rock Your Talk

22nd March, 2014 - Posted by janebeard

Every speaker wants to rock the room with a talk that’s compelling, memorable and talked about. But if you look to other speakers for how to do that, you might get it all backwards. Let’s assume you have a picture in mind of what “rocking it” looks like. In our experience, your picture is based […] Read More

Foolproof Way To Get Applause on Introductions

10th July, 2013 - Posted by janebeard

Most people introduce the next speaker the way they address an envelop: “Joe Blank, Insert Title Here.” The problem is, a big audience will want to start applauding when they hear the name of the next speaker. It’s human nature. But if the person making the introduction keeps talking, they step on the applause. The […] Read More

Be it Resolved!

28th December, 2012 - Posted by janebeard

New Year’s resolutions can be hard to keep, what with all the weight we have to lose and the patience we have to have to keep and the stress we have to let go of. Here’s a resolution that doesn’t require self-denial or will power or anything resembling self-flagellation: Be it hereby resolved that, if […] Read More

More Science That Speakers Need to Know!

14th November, 2012 - Posted by janebeard

So, here’s a study that shows that even one-year old babies can “read” where and what speakers are paying attention to, based on the focus in speaker’s voice. Here’s what that means for speakers and audiences: When your attention is on YOURSELF, we notice it. And, it turns out, we notice it on a very […] Read More

Kitchen Sink Meeting Themes: They Never Help

15th February, 2012 - Posted by janebeard

We know you’re spending a lot of money on your meeting. We know a committee of people is creating the agenda, and each member has an idea about what he or she wants the audience to take away from the meeting. And we know you’re all basically polite people, who want your colleagues to be […] Read More

Treat Every Audience Like the CEO

4th February, 2011 - Posted by janebeard

Imagine giving your presentation to your CEO, or your Executive Director, or to the busiest, best-connected person you know. Specifically, imagine how you would start the talk. We bet that your first words won’t be, “So, how’s everybody doing?” And you probably wouldn’t spend time thanking the speaker before you for that great introduction, or […] Read More

It’s Inevitable

17th January, 2011 - Posted by janebeard

Here’s the thing. By the time you finish talking, your audience is guaranteed to be different than they were before they heard you speak. We may be bored, or we may be excited. We may be more confused than when we arrived, or we may see a clearer path to a goal. But we will […] Read More

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