Music to Our Ears

31st July, 2014 - Posted by janebeard

One of the things that elevates Big Meetings — the kind held in hotel ballrooms and convention centers, and other venues that can handle hundreds if not thousands of people — is what we call “Ballroom Music.” It’s the music that’s being played as attendees walk in the room, and it has a bigger impact […] Read More

The Power-Draining, Soul-Sucking Scourge of the Statement Necklace

19th June, 2014 - Posted by janebeard

“My awesome necklace” is never the answer to the question, “What’s the one thing you most want the audience to remember from your talk?” But that’s exactly what audiences most remembered after hearing some recent talks by otherwise smart women. In the name of “standing out” or “being my best self,” these women undercut the […] Read More

Rule # 1 to Rock Your Talk

22nd March, 2014 - Posted by janebeard

Every speaker wants to rock the room with a talk that’s compelling, memorable and talked about. But if you look to other speakers for how to do that, you might get it all backwards. Let’s assume you have a picture in mind of what “rocking it” looks like. In our experience, your picture is based […] Read More

Faux-pology versus Apology

9th January, 2014 - Posted by janebeard

Governor Chris Christie just finished a nearly two-hour long press conference to respond to the news that members of his administration used lane closures to access the George Washington Bridge from Fort Lee to retaliate against the mayor of that city. Here’s an article about the press conference. If you want more articles, they’re all […] Read More


6th January, 2014 - Posted by janebeard

  Poor Michael Bay. Poor audience who thought they were going to hear from the world-famous film director. He had just started to address a huge audience at the annual Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas today, when disaster struck — and he made all the wrong choices. The CES is a must-see meeting for […] Read More

The ONE THING Audiences Want

29th September, 2013 - Posted by janebeard

Statistics tell us that, every day, there are 11 million meetings in the US. That means at least 20+ million people A DAY are listening to presentations that they don’t want to hear, that don’t make the most of the time allotted and don’t drive to actual business-supporting outcomes. That’s because too many speakers create […] Read More

No Points for Style

16th August, 2013 - Posted by janebeard

The 1999 way of presenting gives you lots of points for style. Are your slides peppy? Check! Do you have words zinging in and out and things spinning around? Do you have sound effects? Check! Are you paying a lot of attention to body language and posture? Are you vanquishing all your “ums” and “uhs”? […] Read More

All Things to All People

26th July, 2013 - Posted by janebeard

You know, intellectually, that you can’t be all things to all people. But most people (including yours truly) sometimes forget this truth. The result is a talk that’s flabby, full of generalities and caveats, and a total time sink. As much as we want everyone to like us, you’re better off aiming at the slice […] Read More

Good Story Telling Changes Your Brain!

7th March, 2013 - Posted by janebeard

Our clients will tell you: We practically harp on the power of storytelling. Real stories, not a data dump — that’s what we’re talking about. We often work with scientists and other data-heads who love numbers and can see a story inside the numbers. But that story remains hidden from view from most people, until […] Read More

Why The Change Equation Defends Against Speaker Anxiety

12th November, 2012 - Posted by janebeard

We say it all the time: having and using a Change Equation matters, not just to the audience, but to you. If you know where you’re headed in your presentation, and if you’re ruthless in your intention to deliver the audience from Point A to Point B, you’re more effective than the vast majority of […] Read More

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